German Poker Heist – Discover What Happened At The German Poker Event And How Big The Game Is!


In March of the year that a enormous German poker heist took place. Over 950 participants were also taking part of this glamorous championship, including scores of celebrities with none other than German tennis legend Boris Becker.

The jack pot was tremendous, it had been a whopping 1 million EUROS ($1.36 million!) . Poker is now such a huge match with endemic policy round the globe. Millions of people today are playing the game Situs Agen Bola Terpercaya on the web and thousands attend poker tours.

As a result of the new age of poker which has mega company patrons, we are visiting jackpots go up to as high a 1.36 million as we all did in the European Poker Tour at Germany.

There is a drawback to this surge in promotion of poker and poker tournaments and the huge sums of cash up for grabs to be obtained by the participants. It brings the interest of criminals as this event did and leads to heists.

About March 7, 2010 during the championship at the Grand Hyatt in Berlin, four armed robbers stormed in armed with machine guns and machetes. They tried their best to sneak it. These were able to get away with inventing a chunk of that jackpot cash, approximately $200,000.

Some participants were injured during the prosecution.

Police went to a man hunt which lasted two months until they apprehended every one of the robbers as well as the mastermind behind this heist.

What is fretting about the event is that offenders may now be taking a look at ways to market poker tournaments. Once upon a time it was about approving a bank. However, now because of all the cash and publicity that is associated with this sport, criminals are taking a look at it.

This implies we will have to see much more security at these kinds of events. They also needs to be placing metal detectors in such events. It will be costly, however is a necessary measure to guarantee the protection of their all the participants and staff and also to be sure the jack pot money is still safe.

Yet, you will find more safer ways to play big income tournaments and also give a wide berth to a German poker heist.

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